So for a while now I’ve been feeling a strong pull towards a Shamanic path.  I had my first encounter with this after reading a couple books that spoke about shamans in South America.  This more than had my interest at that point, but the tricky thing about shamanism is that most shamans pass down their teaching, stories, ect. via oral tradition.  Finding deeper information about shamanism is difficult. Lucky for me I’ve been able to meet and talk to some experienced people through the power of the internet.  Funny enough some friends of mine have also been indirect hints about choosing this path.  I’m still just beginning to scratch the surface of this.  Of course just like learning anything new, I have to start from the beginning which means confronting my worst enemy: Meditation.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy a good meditation, it’s that I struggle doing a good meditation. My mind is constantly running nonstop and won’t slow down very often.  Hopefully I can eventually learn to meditate better.  I also feel the more I learn about myself as a wolf, it will reveal more about my Shamanic path that I want to pursue, and vice versa.  Each one will reveal more about the other.  I’m still uncertain about what this path will lead me to, but I look forward to what it will bring me and what I will learn.