I had a conversation recently with my good friend Volk again and helped me get a few things figured out.  Nothing earth shattering. More of just taking thing in strides.  So what it came down to is I should have more of a direction of where I want to go.  Set some goals to have in mind.  The larger long term goal I hope to achieve is to learn more about physical shifting and help those who are interested in it, or those rare cases, help those who are able to and struggle with it. It’s a long journey to figure it out, but I do at least want to continue my pursuit of all the strange and incredible things I’ve been able to witness.  On the shorter term, I do want to meet Noah.  It’s been an ongoing mystery for 4 years.  I’m hoping to at least meet the person who may be able to shed some light on things.  I honestly don’t know what I’ll find or learn when we meet, but I will at least be happy to put an end to one of my life’s mysteries.

Another short term goal, is eventually finding a teacher of some kind.  This I’m finding out is turning into a big “if”.   I started meditating a couple times a week and am starting to find that finding a teacher just may not be in my future. This may have to be one of those times where experience is my teacher.  I will have to be the one to learn things.  I would love to find a teacher to help me learn how to meditate and many other things.  The difficult thing is, some of the things I want to learn isn’t something that I can just look up somewhere. They are the tougher answers to find.  For now, I guess the best teachers can be myself, and all those who can, have, and will help me on my journey.  I guess it’s just like the saying goes “When the student is ready, the teacher will come” or some variation of that.  I won’t let lack of a formal teacher hinder my personal progress. There is always room for growth.