So out of the blue, I thought this would be a good idea for multiple reasons.  One, my mother brought me up with counting my blessings. Although I admit I didn’t really do this often, I like it and think it’s something I should do a little more often, so here it goes.  First thing I am very happy for is the overabundance of pizza that has been bought/given to me and my roommates.  Within 2 days, the house has been filled up with 6 boxes of pizza.  I’m very grateful for the massive overhaul of food given by good friends and roommates.  Next I’m happy to finally be employed again.  I enjoyed my down time, but I’m not too great at staying at home most of the day. It’s nice to be doing something, as well as I’m not required to be social at my job either. Just enjoy cleaning a few classrooms while listening to music.  Another great blessing has been somehow being able to keep my current apartment during my time of unemployment. It’s been tough sometimes, but I’ve made it. I adapted and survived!  Of course, my little corner of the earth (my room) is always a great blessing. My space where I can just take a load off.  A big two are my best friends BB, and Steve.  Without all of our random adventures, shenanigans, and most of all the carefree, laid back atmosphere we have created, I will say our common interests have truly created the power of friendship (Excuse the sap).  In addition with them, comes the massive geek/nerd, video game collection.  The younger version of me would just stand in awe of everything like a kid in a candy store.  My family is a constant blessing, especially my sister who has always been an inspiration for me.  I also feel blessed that BB has helped keep me motivated to stay healthy.  The confidence is great, I feel comfortable with myself, and I keep my Diabetes in control.


So there’s my short reflection on my current blessings. I could essentially go on and on, but I’m sure reading this would get a little dull at some point.