Growing up I had a very tough time making mistakes.  Every mistake I made was blown up out of proportion and beaten into my head that it was such a horrible thing I did.  I didn’t realize this until over a year after I moved out of my parent’s house the damage it caused.  By the time I was out and on my own, I wanted to do everything perfect.  I was terrified of making mistakes.   Any kind of mistake I made, no matter how minor it was had a tendency to replay in my mind over and over, not letting my mind rest.  It didn’t kick in until after I moved in with the other guys that I began the slow process of realizing that mistakes were ok.  Mistakes aren’t always fun, but I learned mistakes = experience.  Mistakes are one way we learn.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Mistakes generally mean you did something new or went outside your comfort zone.  Of course there are some mistakes anyone would rather not have to deal with, but looking at mistakes constantly negatively hasn’t done me any good.  Mistakes happen.  I’m not always immediately happy to make a mistake, but now I can at least improve on my perspective and how I deal with my own mistakes.  I’m not completely afraid to make mistakes now.  I just look forward to continue to improve and experience the world.