So it has been a while since I’ve had the chance to post anything.  Partially I admit because of laziness, but in addition to that these past few months have bee absolutely insane.  So I’ll hopefully be able to catch up on everything, but first things first.  April marked the second full year since I’ve started this blog.  I’d like to thank all of you.  Without all of your feedback and comments, I admit it would be tough to stay motivated to keep writing. I’ve been able to meet and talk with some great people and even was able to help out a few others.  Writing has really helped me make sense of a few things and really narrow down the questions that need to be asked.  Also I’d like to thank my brothers.  This ranges from those I consider my pack (those I live with and even a couple afar), especially Running wolf and Volk for the much needed counseling and providing a level headed outside view.  Also the newest addition to the pack, Stiles.  Sorry that things may have been strange, and may have initially scared you a bit, but I’m glad you’re around. You have really helped ease some of my worry.  Now get your ass back from your trip! Also a thanks to my (for privacy reasons) nameless and favorite demonkin friend.  You have been a great help for my brothers and I in some confusing times of need.  There are many others I could list and make a very lengthy thank you but know if you’re not mentioned here, your help does not go unappreciated.  Now continuing on this first part of my much needed catch-up….


The big part of these past two months has been BB has been fairly chaotic with his shifting again. Mainly his eyes have changed for nearly the entirety of the two months (a couple days here and there they go back to normal).  He has been waking up at random places outside as well, but that usually tends to happen throughout the year.  Also there have been some new and interesting developments with the long duration of strong energy/shifting, whatever you want to call this.  He has had some undeniable improvement of smelling.  He explained it was kind of like having different strings that he had to focus on.  Then he had something that was a first for him.  It’s essentially being able to smell spiritually, such as auras, intent, ect. It’s a difficult thing to describe, but it has been very interesting learning about it.  BB will describe different scents to me (spiritual and physical) to help me get an understanding of it.


I’ll do my best to keep posting and catch back up with all the happening of the past two months.  I’d like to thank everyone again who reads this and hope I can keep this up.