About a month ago I began an new energy exercise that a friend of mine suggested from a shamanism group I’m part of.  Essentially it’s a breathing exercise using music.  I then, “Let the sound of your breath, whether taken in long, full breaths to slow or melodic music, or in puffs (multiple in and multiple out) to faster music like rock, breathe to it.”  From there I can usually enter a meditative state and practice sensing and working with energy.  I began doing this while at my job (landscaping) since I just put on music and go. So this was great to start while I was doing mindless labor.  A few weeks went by with practicing the exercise and I could start going into a meditative state easier than I had before as well as improved being able to feel and use energy.  I do my best not to take/use more than necessary. In my hands the energy has a tingling feeling, similar to when your hand falls asleep, but the sensation moves throughout my hand.  When I move it into my body, it doesn’t really feel tingling so much. It’s like it is in a continuous swirl that I can move.  From a few things I’ve ready, I use my left had to take in the energy and right to “release” or “give” out the energy.  At one point while practicing with energy, everything just seemed to “click”.  I could without a doubt feel what I was doing, where the energy was going.  It was an incredible feeling.  I knew I had made progress and that I now had a good reference point to continue practicing and continue to grow with doing this.  I’ve continued to practice the breathing exercise and hope to continue to grow with wherever this will lead me.  As I told my good friend Slayon, I feel like I’ve leveled up to a lvl 1 shaman.  I’ve got a good start on my shamanic path, I cannot wait to see where it will lead me.  Music definitely is in my soul.