Never a dull moment these days, I don’t know where to begin.  First off, Miles has come back from a move.  Things didn’t quite turn out like he had liked, but that is life.  It’s good to have my brother around again.

A fairly recent friend of mine learned about the pack and I.  Initially it started out we had a lot of common interests.  As we began to hang out a little more, it turned out we had a bit more in common than we thought.  He had interests in energy work and crystals it turned out.  The more we talked about the subject, the more I realized his past was full of plenty of strange happenings, much like mine although in a different direction.  His was filled with various spirits, having a natural ability to sense/see them.  Apparently it runs in his family.  He seems to pursue it a little deeper.  I used this as an opportunity to test BB’s smelling abilities.  He still has been able to smell auras, so figured this would be a good way to test things out.  When I asked BB how he (I will refer to him as Derric now) smelled.  BB said he was different, not the same as most people.  I used a few examples to compare him to of other therians, kin, or vapires, but he said wasn’t the same as them either.  Eventually after a while, I told Derric what I was.  He seemed a little shocked at first, but after further explanation it made a little more sense.  We talked a lot more about things of that nature and have been able to help each other out.  I was even able to put him in touch with a high priestess friend who wants to take him under her wing and teach him what she knows.  I felt very happy that I was able to help someone out with being able to learn more.