There was a particularly interesting night the last full moon. Nothing too crazy, but definitely was able to experience something new.  BB was having a pretty active night with mental shifts.  Derric was around this night as well. First I gave BB a citrine crystal to hopefully help him out. After I handed him the crystal, Derric and I went outside for a little while.  He asked for a crystal before we went outside.  He tried doing some work with the crystal (amethyst)  to increase its energy absorbing capabilities.  I wasn’t able to see what he did exactly, but afterwards we came inside and switched out the citrine with the amethyst.  The citrine felt hot whenever BB handed it back.  Derric decided to do a cleansing for the stones as well as the many others I have.  This was done using four elements and burning sage.  Derric started writing down the steps he did in the cleansing of the stones and what he did with the amethyst in a journal, calling it his “book of shadows” which for him means a record of spells and various energy work that he has done.  I decided to write down the crystal cleansing he did in my own journal for future reference if I needed to do something like that.  While I wrote things down in my own book, Miles came in.  He asked about doing  a ritual for a general cleansing.  I agreed it would be good to do, but other than attending two others rituals, I didn’t have much to go off of.  I asked Derric about it, and of course he knew less than I did. So, it turns out I would be heading up this ritual.

I finished writing down the remainder of the details in my journal and started setting up for the ritual.  I’d call upon the four elements as I’d seen done before in previously attended rituals, so I’d need something representing each one.  Water and fire were the easiest since I had a candle available and spring water that my brothers and I obtained on a hike the previous day.  For earth we found some fine soil from a spot outside.  The toughest was air.  I looked outside for a feather, or something I felt would work. I couldn’t find anything except for a “helicopter” seed.  I didn’t feel quite satisfied with that, so I decided to sit down and meditate with my music.  I honestly was quite nervous about it.  I focused on breathing with my music, getting to a calm, tranced state.  Once I calmed down a bit, the answer for my missing element was found.  I had a pendant a good friend gave to me that was specifically for that element.  After a few more minutes of preparing my mind and calming down, I finished getting everything else ready.  I used blessed salt right before the ritual, making a circle around the ritual area.  I asked Stiles to call upon the element of air, Miles earth, Derric water, and I called upon fire.  In addition to a basic ritual, I called upon the spirit of the green (wild) man for a stronger connection with nature our inner instincts.  During the ritual, after calling upon the four elements, I felt a large wave of energy moving from the circle around us.  I was glad to feel the ritual was a success.  The house did feel a little more at peace.  Afterwards I typed up a fairly detailed synopsis of the ritual, what I did, who was involved, ect.  I felt good about heading my first ritual.