Last night turned out to be much different than I would have ever expected.  I was looking around the various groups I follow and came across a throat breath exercise an experienced shaman recommended.  I’ve tried many different breathing exercises, meditations, ect. before with little to no success.  I read the breathing exercise multiple times throughout the day until I understood what I was doing.  So I start the exercise, the relaxing, focusing on my breath, ect.  I could feel the energy flowing in my breath coming in and out, my body becoming more relaxed while I continued.  I don’t know exactly how long I continued the exercise (my guess is maybe a minute or two) until I stopped.  I felt calm, but nothing I would consider different.  I rolled over to go to sleep and closed my eyes.   Then the ride began.  I saw white swirling wisps appear.

ok, just the weird things I see when I close my eyes. Nothing to get excited about

The wisps swirled into itself, opening a strange muti-colored circle that started unwinding before my eyes in strange shapes and patterns, swirling in multiple directions before my eyes.

ok, this is new.

The colors danced and swirled all over the place. I wanted to watch everything all at once, but I decided to just focus on certain parts of it and see the details.  The swirling colors unwound itself into a glowing black and white net-like pattern moving across my eyes like a wave.  It moved into a central position into another circle.  The circle grew in size briefly, then changed into the shape of an eye.  More colors flowed from the eye, creating beautiful patterns and colors changing and flowing into each other.

What the hell did I just see?

The colors eventually swirled into themselves, going back into white wisps again and dissipated .  I’ve always seen pictures people post about their spiritual journeys with crazy colors, visions, but I never thought I would experience anything like this first hand.  So my question is, what does it mean? what is it? What was shared with me exactly?