****           Warning, Rant ahead.  Very opinionated post coming up.  If easily offended by opposing opinions then you may want to skip             ****


So there seems to be a rather new way of thinking.   Sure, ignorant people may say some…..well, ignorant things.  What would you say if I told you all of us were ignorant at some point in our lives?   Shocking! I know!  In my recent experience with dealing with people, I’ve found that ignorance is not only frowned upon but I’ve seen people bullied because of it.  Not a very kind thing to do by “educated” or “enlightened” people is it?  Now these ignorant people may claim ridiculous things but instead of bashing them and further adding to an ongoing issue, why not use it as a teaching moment?  Many people talk about how they have a problem with ignorance. Why not become part of the solution instead of encouraging the problem?  From what I’ve seen so far, a lot of it is because of egos.  Some people feel they have all the answers with shifting, energy and the supernatural.   I even met an arrogant person claiming that she knew everything.  As the old saying goes, soon as you think you know everything, you know nothing.  Our own egos have gotten in the way of helping and educating.   This world has plenty of things we don’t understand, suffering, and pain.  It’s up to us to make things better little by little, lessen the burdens of our friends, teach the ignorant, spread happiness when we can.  Most of all, we need to learn understanding.  Our path is not the same as another.   We cannot always understand, but maybe someday we all will seek to understand and that might be just enough.