As most of you who have spoken to me know,  one thing I would absolutely love to find is a teacher or mentor.  While this has been an ongoing search for me, I’ve been given an answer that I’m not particularly pleased with but I know it’s my reality and the path I will have to take.  My teacher is experience.  I say this because some of the things I have been able to witness have been incredible.  Amazing people, amazing things that are thought to be legends, stories, and fairy tales.  Things that most people would consider impossible and science cannot explain.  I have a habit of adapting to new situations.  This “trial by fire” so to speak is how I have learned everything up to this point.  I develop questions based off of these happenings and search for my answers because of it.  I learn from the experiences of other, sharing stories.  I was pushed to ask more questions.  There’s the whole saying about asking the right questions.  I feel my experiences have led me to ask these questions.  My teacher, experience, continues to push me.  Yes, it’s frustrating many times.  I often feel overwhelmed, lost, and confused.  This I realize is just part of my path.  No, it’s not easy.  Anything worth pursuing never is.  I chose this path long ago.  I guess I can still run if I wanted, but I refuse to.  I’ve come so far already and I want to see this through to the end.  I know I will most likely still complain about not having a mentor or a direct teacher.  I can at the very least be content with knowing I will learn.