Between having to deal with getting my domain up and running again as well as the insane amount of strange encounters I’ve continued to have.  For now I’ll be talking about a recent realization I had.  This may be a big shocker (sarcasm included) to some, but I am not a therian.  Yes, sound the horns and blow the crumpets! Jokes aside, I guess I hoped to find more people in the community that had similar experiences to me.  I started out this path there and found some good friends there.  That time now I have to accept has come to a close.  Why?  Well, after doing some posting and talking with members of the therian community, they have finally established their limits to what the community believes in.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  This means to me, those who have experienced other things that the established therian community, will find themselves searching other places for answers.  While I wish the therian community would not be so harsh on people with conflicting or as seen in their eyes, wrong beliefs, I know they will find other information that would be more beneficial if they are genuine.  For me, this also means refining my search into other areas.  Shamanism has been a big help and extremely beneficial for discovering new abilities, methods, answering questions, ect.  I also have my fellow wolf brothers who always have helped in this ongoing search.  While times aren’t perfect, I’m optimistic.  There’s a light at the end of this tunnel.  I can feel it. Something is still coming, and I feel it inching closer. It’s time to go with the flow and see where I’m led to.