I had a very strange dream, maybe more like an interruption to a dream, that I’d like to share. I was dreaming my usual chaos infused with faces from the past, some sort of action/thriller kind of dream that I cannot completely recall. Then all of the sudden it changed.

There was a fire burning, people gathered in a circle around it. Some with native headdresses, other with drums, some dancing. A strange rhythm starting quietly and slowly becoming louder. People’s faces around me began changing slowly, one in particular I remember reminded me of a bird of some kind. The beat started to build up, at the same time I felt something start to build up in my lower spine. It crawled up my body until I felt it in my entire body. I couldn’t take it anymore; I roared and slammed my fists on the ground. Silence after a large gasp from everyone. There was silence, then a quiet murmur. Someone came up to me with a look of either concern or fear. He spoke to me. I cannot remember what he said, but I felt it was either advice, a warning, or something I would need later. ¬†Everything changed again back to the initial dream right where it left off.