This blog is about my pursuit of myself and my experiences I’ve had during this journey.  A therian is somebody who has a deep connection with an animal.  I am a wolf.  I’ve known I was a wolf since 2006. I was born in 1991.  I hope by sharing my experiences, I can help others know who and what we are.  I appreciate any feedback and questions.

Also to clarify a couple of things.  I do sometimes refer to myself as a Therian in this blog, though I don’t see myself as a therian. I consider myself a shifter personally. Therian is the closest term I can use for others to understand. Also,  these are my personal experiences and are not necessarily common happenings.

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Therianthropy is the state of being an animal mentally or spiritually, and have a human form.  Therians identify, and feel they are animals.   Most identify as one, but can be multiple.  This doesn’t mean at all that they are not human.  The animal that one identifies with is called a Theriotype.


Therians experience certain events called Shifts.  Probably the most common type is called a mental shift.  This is where their perception changes to that of their theriotype.  Examples for a wolf would be growling, sniffing, howling, ect. essentially acting in ways of their theriotype.  The severity of the shift can vary greatly as well from subtle urges, to not so subtle.

Phantom shifting is another common type.  Essentially it’s feeling “phantom limbs” or certain parts of your theriotype such as ears, snout, fangs, tail, ect.  A good comparison I’ve heard is when a person has a limb amputated and feels like it is still there.  Some feel it to the point where they may feel discomfort when their “tail” is stepped on or hit.

Physical shifting is the most controversial.  Most don’t believe in it, and there is constant debate about it. Physical shifting is just as the name says, part, or all of one’s body changes into that of their animal.  As of now, the established therian community throws this possibility out the window.  Because of this reason, I no longer remotely consider myself a therian.

Dream shifting is fairly self explanatory as well. This would be shifting into one’s theriotype during a dream.  This is probably one of the most common types of shifting next to mental shifting.

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My Definition of a therian

To me, this means having a deep spiritual connection with the wolf.  To the point where I feel I am one.  This includes mental shifts, physical shifts, and other experiences.  It doesn’t mean I’m someone or something completely different.  I am still me.  At this time, I cannot back up any physical shifts (nor will I claim to), but there are a few instances that I may speak about that are debatable.

Most therians don’t necessarily believe in Physical shifting.  Personally, I strongly do.  It’s where many others and I differ in this belief.  Also, I come from a strong catholic background, but am open to many other ideas.  Therianthropy varies from each person due to their beliefs and experiences. This tends to make it hard for some therians to relate, but it also helps in figuring out how it works.


Frequent Questions

You crazy?

Yes, but not in the way you might think.  I’m not a harm to myself nor anyone else and can pass for “normal” in public if that’s what you mean.



Are you a werewolf?

So far, my conclusion is no.  Shifter would be a much more accurate description.  Myths are based off of something.  I’m still learning about all this and how it works. I’ll get back to you on that when I figure out the details.

I love your videos! (are you solwolf from youtube)?

Sorry, but we are two different people. We are not the same person.  I finally looked him up and I would definitely say there are similarities in the way we talk sometimes, and looks like we would have a lot in common. Seems like a nice guy to be mistaken for.

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